January 2, 2018
Hello and Namaste,

I may have told you that I’ve been taking Rev. Danielle’s Saturday class since May and am excitedly looking forward to it starting again this Saturday. I invite you to take a look at it. I love so many things: her wisdom, of course; her charming and nurturing style of teaching; the fact that her Spirit Guides are always accessible and frequently weigh in on the lesson; that half the class time is experiential as we directly engage that week’s subject (see below) as opposed to all lecture; the reasonable price; always leaving the class vibrating higher and with that profound feeling of shift. That’s a lot to deliver, and Rev. Danielle does it Every Single Time.

You can drop in on the weeks when there’s something you’re particularly interested in, or come every week and be surprised by a subject you thought you knew everything about (it may be called “Fundamentals of the Emerging Soul,” but this is no mere Intro to Spirituality. Get ready for a mind/heart/spirit expansion, for sure). Or recommend it to a friend. They will be in good hands with such a gifted Master Teacher.I’m convinced of several things: this gem of a class won’t stay a secret long, and that there’s no better way to spend my Saturday mornings.
Much love, Scott Ware
July 18, 2018
Danielle has been and continues to be my number one go to “ reader/ healer”. She is phenomenal. I have never met anyone who with such compassion and accuracy gets to the bottom of my triggers, fears, problems. She has been such a huge inspiration and guides my children and my life that I would and am recommending her to anyone who feels ready to truly shift. I can not only trust her as a person but also as a medium/ psychic. Her words heal and shift and her power is immense. Thank you, Danielle, for being you and helping me and so many others find the light again. I cherish you so very much and could not ever adequately put into words how your gift has helped me and continues to help me. ❤️❤️Laura Calderon, France