Classes & Events

Participate in a weekly advanced meditation class.

Wednesday's from 7 pm to 8 30 pm in a private residence in Laguna Beach.

Cost is $20 (all forms of payments accepted)

Further Develop and Maintain a strong, advanced meditation practice.

RSVP to or text to 949-244-1960

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Private Session Work

In just one private session life can change. Gain access to the wisdom of the Universe and discover the most relevant things about your life as it is right and the next most important steps for you.

Resolve, release and redirect the life you navigate and live in a renewed state of consciousness.  There are no limits to what can change when you set your intentions.

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A perfect combination of private session work and wisdom of the soul taught in course work. Mentorship brings it all home.

Resolve, release and redirect the life you navigate with a combination of the your innate tools and the wisdom of the Universe working in tandem with you.  You were born to master of your life and fulfill a destiny here on earth.

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Next Steps...

Book a free initial consult with Danielle.  Yes, the first one is free.  A one half hour session with Danielle will illuminate you with information for your next most perfect step in your journey to living a life in a state of emerging joy.

Rev. Danielle Marie Hewitt, Spiritual Mentor, Teacher, Life Coach, Radio Personality and Writer  (949)244-1960


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